Typz added a comment.

I stumbled on the issue when working on the CompactNamespaces 
<https://reviews.llvm.org/D32480> option, where the extra semicolon prevents 
merging the closing braces.
There was an easy fix, which guaranteed that the closing braces would be 
properly merged, so I went for it, just adding an option to keep things generic.

So there wasn't really a "long term" plan (though since I made the fix, I have 
though that it would be nice to remove other cases of extra semicolon, e.g. 
after function body).

I did not know of this 'Cleaner' class (I did not actually try to find it 
either, thruth be told), but it would seem more appropriate indeed. The only 
thing is I could not find where this is called, and esp. confirm if it happens 
before the NamespaceEndCommentsFixer.

Back to the point, I can see a few options here:

- Merge this patch into the CompactNamespaces patch, but remove the option and 
drop the semicolon only when CompactNamespaces mode is enabled
- Rework CompactNamespaces to merge namespace closing brace with extra 
semicolon (not a big fan, it would look very strange: `};}`)
- Implement this in a more generic fashion, in the Cleaner, with no style 
option (e.g. always on). Possibly the better option, but may be a more 
significant significant undertaking


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