bader added inline comments.

Comment at: include/clang/Basic/TargetInfo.h:1041
+    default:
+      return LangAS::Default;
+    }
yaxunl wrote:
> I think the default (including even_t, clk_event_t, queue_t, reserved_id_t) 
> should be global since these opaque OpenCL objects are pointers to some 
> shared resources. These pointers may be an automatic variable themselves but 
> the memory they point to should be global. Since these objects are 
> dynamically allocated, assuming them in private address space implies runtime 
> needs to maintain a private memory pool for each work item and allocate 
> objects from there. Considering the huge number of work items in typical 
> OpenCL applications, it would be very inefficient to implement these objects 
> in private memory pool. On the other hand, a global memory pool seems much 
> reasonable.
> Anastasia/Alexey, any comments on this? Thanks.
I remember we discussed this a couple of time in the past. 
The address space for variables of these types is not clearly stated in the 
spec, so I think the right way to treat it - it's implementation defined.
On the other hand your reasoning on using global address space as default AS 
makes sense in general - so can we put additional clarification to the spec to 
align it with the proposed implementation?

Comment at: lib/Basic/Targets.cpp:2367
-  LangAS::ID getOpenCLImageAddrSpace() const override {
+  virtual LangAS::ID
+  getOpenCLTypeAddrSpace(BuiltinType::Kind K) const override {
I think the rule LLVM applies is: use virtual in base classes and override w/o 
virtual in derived classes.
'virtual' is not necessary here.

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