klimek added a comment.

Generally this patch lg from my side - how many patches for single file mode 
are coming down the road, though? I'm somewhat concerned about the overall 
complexity it'll add to clang.
When I saw your first patch my reaction was "wow, this works with this little 
change - cool".
With this patch it's "well, that doesn't seem to add too much complexity, so 
looks good".
I don't want to realize 5 patches down the line that we're sprinkling all of 
clang with single file conditional code without some discussion about the 
strategy with Richard.

Comment at: include/clang/Lex/Preprocessor.h:1838-1841
+  struct DirectiveEvalResult {
+    bool Conditional;
+    bool IncludedUndefinedIds;
+  };
A short comment on the struct what the semantics are would be helpful.


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