Typz added a comment.

@krasimir, @alexfh : can I get some feedback?

This patch solves a practical problem, i.e. allowing the comment to overflow a 
bit without triggering a reflow [according to the priorities which are in 
config, obviously]. It may not always provide the "best" wrapping, but as you 
pointed out comments are unstructured, so processing must indeed stay quite 
conservative: which is how this patch tries to behave.

Is there a better way to do this? or do you see something missing?

> There are at least three separate parts in clang-format that make up the 
> formatting of comments: the normal parsing and optimization pipeline, the 
> BreakableLineCommentSection / BreakableBlockComment classes that are 
> responsible for breaking and reflowing inside comment sections, and the 
> consecutive trailing comment alignment in the WhitespaceManager. This patch 
> takes into account the first aspect but not the consequences for the other 
> aspects

You suggested there is an issue, but I could not isolate it. Can you provide an 


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