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Comment at: test/CodeGenOpenCL/
 kernel void foo() {}
+kernel void bar() {}
Anastasia wrote:
> Would the original code produce duplicate version metadata here or is it just 
> for overloaded functions? Would it make sense to add `CHECK-NOT` to make sure 
> they are not generated twice?
The original code will duplicate the metadata here. Something like:
!opencl.ocl.version = !{!0, !0}
One per global value - function in case.

Existing check is already good enough as it checks exactly for one metadata:
// CHECK-SPIR-CL10-DAG: !opencl.ocl.version = !{[[OCL:![0-9]+]]}
It was passing with buggy code, since test contains exactly one function (i.e. 
global value). Now we have two global values and fix is required to pass 
existing check.

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