mstorsjo added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/Driver/ToolChains/MinGW.cpp:122-131
   if (TC.getArch() == llvm::Triple::x86)
-  if (TC.getArch() == llvm::Triple::x86_64)
+  else if (TC.getArch() == llvm::Triple::x86_64)
-  if (TC.getArch() == llvm::Triple::arm)
+  else if (TC.getArch() == llvm::Triple::arm)
+  else if (TC.getArch() == llvm::Triple::aarch64)
compnerd wrote:
> Can you use a switch here instead?
Sure, I can change that.

What do you think about the `llvm_unreachable` part btw? There's nothing 
stopping a user from trigger that with e.g. `-target mips-windows-gnu`, and in 
release builds, such a `default: llvm_unreachable()` case usually ends up as 
just running one of the existing cases. Should it be changed into a real 
runtime error that isn't optimized out from release builds?

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