nemanjai added a comment.

This patch appears to be perfectly fine. However, it triggers a large number of 
warnings. Namely, there's a large number of `warning: ISO C forbids an empty 
translation unit [-Wpedantic]` warnings produced.
The reason is that all the code in the file is wrapped with an `if !_ARCH_PPC` 
macro. I assume that we do not want `compiler_rt` to expose builtins that 
assume an 80-bit `long double` (which is the behaviour we get now). So it seems 
to me that files that define such builtins should simply be removed from the 
`powerpc64_SOURCES` and they should `#error` on PPC.

Also, I'm getting lots of warnings from `compiler-rt/lib/builtins/atomic.c` 
such as `warning: implicit declaration of function '__c11_atomic_fetch_or' 
[-Wimplicit-function-declaration]`. It would appear that the `__c11_atomic_*` 
family of builtins isn't exposed by the build compiler (and should presumably 
be declared in a header if file is being built with a compiler that doesn't 
expose those).

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