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mprobst added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/Format/FormatTokenLexer.cpp:544-545
+    while (BackslashPos != StringRef::npos) {
+      if (BackslashPos + 1 < FormatTok->TokenText.size() &&
+          FormatTok->TokenText[BackslashPos + 1] == '\n') {
+        const char *Offset = Lex->getBufferLocation();
klimek wrote:
> Just wondering whether the \n can be in the next token. Probably not, though, 
> the way we set up the lexer.
AFAIU (and experimentation confirms) LLVM always lexes the `\n` as separate 
whitespace from the `// ...` line comment, but for backslash escaped line 
endings after the `\\` the `\n` is inside of it - after all it's part of the 
one comment token that continues on the next line.

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