In D35043 I have removed the llvm tests which use -reverse-iterate. This patch removes the clang tests.

Should I post a later patch to change all "class PointerLikeTypeTraits" to "struct PointerLikeTypeTraits"?

On 8/7/2017 2:50 PM, David Blaikie wrote:

On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 12:08 PM Mandeep Singh Grang via Phabricator < <>> wrote:

    mgrang added a comment.

    This patch does 3 things:

    1. Get rid of the unit test
    <> because this test
    check uses flag -reverse-iterate. This flag will be removed in

Sure - please commit that separately (probably once D35043 is approved - probably best to include that removal in D35043, or a separate patch that /only/ removes the -reverse-iterate flag (& any tests that use it) as a standalone change?).

Does this test need a replacement? If this test is removed and the underlying issue it was testing regresses, will one of the buildbots (reverse or normal) catch the problem?

    2. gets rid of the empty base
    definition for PointerLikeTypeTraits. This results in a compiler
    warning because PointerLikeTypeTrait has been defined as struct
    here while in the header it is a class. So I have changed struct
    to class.

I'd probably go the other way - traits classes like this make more sense as structs, I think - it only has public members & no implementation really has any need for supporting private members.

    3. Since I changed struct PointerLikeTypeTrait to class
    PointerLikeTypeTrait here, the member functions are no longer
    public now. This results in a compiler error. So I explicitly
    marked them as public here.

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