xazax.hun added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/StaticAnalyzer/Checkers/MagentaHandleChecker.cpp:483-498
+void MagentaHandleChecker::checkPreStmt(const ReturnStmt *RS,
+                                        CheckerContext &Ctx) const {
+  ProgramStateRef State = Ctx.getState();
+  const StackFrameContext *SFCtx = Ctx.getStackFrame();
+  if (!SFCtx || !SFCtx->inTopFrame())
+    return;
+  const FunctionDecl *FD = dyn_cast_or_null<FunctionDecl>(SFCtx->getDecl());
NoQ wrote:
> I think the analyzer core should do this. This code already has a global 
> effect on the analysis - it's enough for one checker to generate the sink. 
> Additionally, there's also the CFG-based variant of suppress-on-sink, which 
> would need to be extended to support this as well - this other variant kicks 
> in when the analysis was interrupted before reaching the sink (see D35673 and 
> D35674).
Do we want to do this unconditionally? Are all of the resources cleaned up on 
all of the supported OSes, or maybe for some leak issues it still makes sense 
to warn in these cases? Or we simply favor false negatives over false positives 
in this case (might make sense)? 


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