ilya-biryukov added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/Frontend/PrecompiledPreamble.cpp:470-471
+  int FD;
+  auto EC = llvm::sys::fs::createTemporaryFile(Prefix, Suffix, /*ref*/ FD,
+                                               /*ref*/ File);
   if (EC)
klimek wrote:
> I don't understand that yet - why does keeping the file open around the EC 
> check change any of the behavior?
> Generally, both create the file, right? So only the first one should get no 
> error?
`createTemporaryFile` without `fd` does not create a file, only checks if the 
it exists, hence the race condition. Do you think a better solution would be to 
make it create an empty file and close it right away, similarly to what this 
function does now?

`createTemporaryFile` with `fd` does not have that problem, it actually tries 
to create a file until it succeeds.

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