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Thanks for the feedback, @vsk, I really appreciate it! I have some other work 
done for this on my local checkout, but I was going a little bonkers working on 
it without knowing whether people would want it merged or not. I'll update this 
with your feedback and upload the rest for review as well.

> It'd be nice to dump this timer from Preprocessor::PrintStats(), too.

Good idea, will do!

Comment at: lib/Lex/Preprocessor.cpp:660
+  llvm::TimeRegion(PPOpts->ShowTimers ? &PreprocessingTimer : nullptr);
vsk wrote:
> vsk wrote:
> > I wonder whether this is too fine-grained. I think setting up a timer in 
> > Preprocessor::Lex() might capture more information. Would you mind 
> > experimenting with that?
> Nitpick: it may be useful to add PPOpts::getTimer(), in case we find more 
> sites where we need to either get back the PP timer or nullptr.
> I think setting up a timer in `Preprocessor::Lex()` might capture more 
> information.

Yes, can do! As it happens, the timers in this current diff cover all of the 
event counters that are incremented and then printed in  
`Preprocessor::PrintStats()`, except two: `NumTokenPaste` and 
`NumFastTokenPaste`. Beginning the timer in the Lexer would allow me to measure 
the time it takes to do token pasting as well, so I think this is a great idea. 

> it may be useful to add `PPOpts::getTimer()`

Agreed, will do!

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