hamzasood added inline comments.

Comment at: test/FixIt/fixit-cxx0x.cpp:57
   (void)[&, &i, &i]{}; // expected-error 2{{'&' cannot precede a capture when 
the capture default is '&'}}
-  (void)[=, this]{ this->g(5); }; // expected-error{{'this' cannot be 
explicitly captured}}
   (void)[i, i]{ }; // expected-error{{'i' can appear only once in a capture 
rjmccall wrote:
> Shouldn't you only be accepting this in C++2a mode?
I'm not sure what the system is with allowing future language features as 
extensions, but I noticed that [*this] capture is allowed as an extension 
pre-C++17 so I figured it would make sense for [=, this] to also be allowed as 
an extension (since the proposal mentions how it's meant to increase code 
clarify in the presence of [*this]).


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