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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D34158#838454, @mibintc wrote:

> This patch is responding to @jyknight 's concern about preprocessed input. 
> The patch as it stands doesn't have this issue. I added 2 test cases, one 
> using option -x cpp-output, and another for a source file suffixed with .i
> Quoting James: "Firstly, let's consider a "clang foo.i" or "clang -x 
> cpp-output foo.c" compilation. In that case, it *clearly* should not be 
> including the predef file. I think the patch as it stands may not do this 
> properly. A test needs to be added for this to this patch, and perhaps the 
> behavior needs to be fixed as well."

Thanks for the test. It wasn't obvious from the code, so I'm glad to hear it 
was already correct. :)

Did you see the other suggestion I cleverly hid within a big block of 
commentary? "(TO FIX: We should be stripping the new arg as well: add 
"-fsystem-include-if-exists" argument to the list of include things in the 
skipArgs() function in lib/Driver/Job.cpp)"


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