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I limit the bitfield separation in the last update to only happen at the 
beginning of a run so no bitfield combine will be blocked.

I think I need to explain more about why I change the direction and start to 
work on the problem in frontend. Keeping the information by generating widening 
type and letting llvm pass to do narrowing looks like a good solution to me 
originally. However, I saw in real cases that the narrowing approach in a late 
llvm stage has more difficulties than I originally thought. Some of them are 
solved but at the cost of code complexity, but others are more difficult.

- store forwarding issue: To extract legal integer width bitfields from a large 
integer generated by frontend, we need to split both stores and loads related 
with legal integer bitfields. If store is narrowed and load is not, the width 
of load may be smaller than the store and the target may have difficulty to do 
store forwarding and that fact will hit the performance.  Note, we found case 
that related load and store are in different funcs, so when deciding whether to 
narrow a store or not, it is possible that we have no idea that the related 
load is narrowed or not. If we cannot know all the related loads will be 
narrowed, the store is better not to be narrowed.

- After instcombine, some bitfield access information will be lost: The case we 
saw is: unsigned long bf1 : 16 unsigned long bf2 : 16 unsigned long bf3 : 16 
unsigned long bf4 : 8

  bool cond = "bf3 == 0 && bf4 == -1";

  Before instcombine, bf3 and bf4 are extracted from an i64 separately. We can 
know bf3 is a 16 bits access and bf4 is a 8 bit access from the extracting code 
pattern. After instcombine, bf3 and bf4 are merged into a 24 bit access, the 
comparison above is changed to: extract 24 bit data from the i64 (%bf.load = 
wide load i64, %extract = and %bf.load, 0xffffff00000000) and compare %extract 
with 0xffff00000000. The information that there are two legal integer bitfield 
accesses is lost, and we won't do narrowing for the load here.

  Because we cannot split the load here, we trigger store forwarding issue.

That is why I am exploring to work on the bitfield access issue in multiple 



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