rjmccall added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/CodeGen/CGAtomic.cpp:696
+    if (S != Default)
+      SI->addCase(Builder.getInt32(static_cast<unsigned>(S)), B);
t-tye wrote:
> rjmccall wrote:
> > t-tye wrote:
> > > Is it documented in the SyncScope enum that the enumerator values are in 
> > > fact the values used for source language runtime values? Seems if other 
> > > languages want to use scopes they may may have a different ordering. That 
> > > would imply that there would be a function to map a SyncScope value to 
> > > the value used by the source language. For OpenCL the mapping is identity.
> > > 
> > > The memory ordering has the isValidAtomicOrderingCABI() that does a 
> > > similar thing.
> > The values in the SyncScope enum are the source language values.  We 
> > already have a step to translate them into LLVM values when we generate a 
> > native LLVM construct.  To the extent that we call into a runtime instead, 
> > none of that code has been written to be runtime-agnostic at all, and I've 
> > been assuming that we're basically okay with that, at least for now.
> That sounds reasonable to me. When/if another language comes along the task 
> of mapping the multiple ABIs can be done then. Still wanted to make sure it 
> is clear that the enum values in the SyncScope enum are documented as BEING 
> the OpenCL runtime ABI values and not some arbitrary list as in other enums 
> such as the address space enum. 
They are documented as being the values expected by the builtins, so they 
already can't be arbitrarily changed.

Now, the values expected by the builtin were chosen to match this specific 
runtime, but we had to choose something, and matching a runtime isn't the worst 
way of doing that.  But now that I think about it, those values seem to be 
rather sub-optimal because they don't start at 0, which means that things like 
this switch will be less efficient than they could be.  And I think the AST and 
IRGen would benefit from needing to renumber values; it will make the code 
clearer, and it'll help protect against people adding values to this enum just 
because those values are used by the runtime, i.e. without fully realizing that 
they're expanding a user-facing feature.  So let's go ahead and renumber the 
values in SyncScope to start at 0 and then re-map them in IRGen.


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