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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D42530#995227, @rjmccall wrote:

> That's still just const-propagation.  The const qualifier on the pointee type 
> of this should propagate to the l-value resulting from the member access, and 
> the vector-specific projection logic should continue to propagate const to 
> the type of the element l-value.

I'm afraid it's wrong because from my point of view Clang generates wrong 
message for test OhNo3 (see err_typecheck_assign_const.cpp). It should not be  
"read-only variable is not assignable" because v[4] is not read-only variable. 
Any other non-const method is able to change this variable w/o any problems. 
The the same is for OhNo and OhNo2.

BTW, gcc generates

error: assignment of read-only location ‘*(const float*)(&((const 

and that's OK because we try to change the value through 
const-pointer-to-const. Am I right?


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