alexfh added inline comments.

Comment at: clang-tidy/bugprone/UnusedReturnValueCheck.cpp:36
+  Node.printQualifiedName(OS, Policy);
+  return llvm::Regex(RegExp).match(OS.str());
Can we avoid creating the regex on each match? For example, by changing the 
parameter type to llvm::Regex. If we need the matcher at all - see the comment 

Comment at: clang-tidy/bugprone/UnusedReturnValueCheck.cpp:45-48
+                            "^::std::async$|"
+                            "^::std::launder$|"
+                            "^::std::remove$|"
+                            "^::std::remove_if$|"
I strongly suspect that we could get away without regexs here. hasAnyName 
supports inline namespaces, so at least the first five entries here are 
covered. The main problem with std::unique_ptr<.*>::release is the need to 
match any template parameters. I *think*, we could adjust hasName to allow 
omitting template parameters (so that `std::unique_ptr::release` would match 
specializations of unique_ptr as well). The `empty` and `allocate` would need 
some research. Can we just list all specific classes where we care about 
`empty`? (Alternatively, can we match `empty` unqualified and check that it's 
somewhere inside `std`, but I don't like that much, since it would add 
inconsistency in how this check is configured.)

Comment at: clang-tidy/bugprone/UnusedReturnValueCheck.cpp:61
+      callExpr(callee(functionDecl(
+                   matchesInlinedName(FuncRegex),
+                   // Don't match void overloads of checked functions.
This is a rather expensive matcher and it is going to be run on each callExpr, 
which is a lot. Let's at least swap it with the `unless(returns(voidType()))` 
below to reduce the number of times it's called.

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