benhamilton added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/Format/ContinuationIndenter.cpp:1214
     // FIXME: We likely want to do this for more combinations of brackets.
     // Verify that it is wanted for ObjC, too.
     if ( && Current.ParentBracket == tok::l_paren) {
stephanemoore wrote:
> With the new parameter does this comment still apply? Maybe we can remove it?
Good point.

This is about <> brackets nested inside () parens, which I believe is 
applicable to Objective-C 2.0 generics passed to C/C++ functions, but not to 
protocol conformance lists.

I'll send out a separate diff to add tests and clean up this comment, since I 
think the behavior is wanted for ObjC as well, but I think it's unrelated to 
this diff.

  rC Clang

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