compnerd added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/AST/MicrosoftMangle.cpp:1061
+    if (Ty->getAs<FunctionType>()->getCallConv() == CC_Swift)
+      for (const char *NS : {"__swift_cc", "__Swift"})
+        mangleSourceName(NS);
rsmith wrote:
> Do we really need both of these qualifiers? This seems redundant to me.
I'd rather keep both.  The `__Swift` is to preserve this entire area for the 
swift extensions.  The `__swift_cc` is the specific feature.  In the future, if 
we need something else, we could do `__Swift::__new_feature`.  Alternatively, 
we could introduce a large number of namespaces, but, I think trying to use as 
little as possible is nice.

Comment at: lib/AST/MicrosoftMangle.cpp:1717
+        Out << '8';
+        for (const char *NS : {"__swift_cc", "__Swift"})
+          mangleSourceName(NS);
erichkeane wrote:
> rsmith wrote:
> > erichkeane wrote:
> > > When I implemented regcall, it was brought up that this was likely a bad 
> > > idea, and to just choose a letter for mangleCallingConvention.  It is a 
> > > really stable list as it is, and if you avoid ones in the immediate 
> > > pattern, you'll be fine.
> > If you can get someone at Microsoft to sign off on us using a specific 
> > letter, that seems fine. Otherwise, because we don't define the ABI, we 
> > don't get to invent extensions to it, and we should instead pick something 
> > (like this) that we can be confident won't conflict with future official 
> > mangling extensions
> Hmm... well, when we did it with RegCall, we didn't get them to 'sign off' so 
> to speak, but simply alerted them about it after the fact and they promised 
> to keep an eye on it.
This is a fairly well established technique within clang, we already use this 
for a large number of C types (e.g. `_Complex`, `_Atomic`, etc) which MSVC does 
not yet support and may at some point.

  rC Clang

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