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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D42978#1001616, @Hahnfeld wrote:

> I think this means that the Clang test needs to be updated whenever somebody 
> adds an architecture to LLVM? Maybe just test that Clang emits a note and 
> don't check which values it prints? These should be checked in the backend...

Yes, I agree checking all  CPUs names is too fragile and not necessary for 
AArch64 or ARM, as the list of CPUs is provided by llvm.

It is probably enough to check if we emit the note for AArch64 and ARM and 
maybe check that it is non-empty or checking that it contains a CPU we know 
should always be there. Checking the full list may make sense for other 
backends, as we have to modify Clang directly to add support.


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