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Lg. Thanks for the change!

Comment at: clang-move/ClangMove.cpp:526
       unless(usingDirectiveDecl()), // using namespace decl.
+      notInMacro(),
I'd probably relax the condition a bit; theoretically tools would be able to 
handle entire identifiers that are either spelled in macro or passed in by 
users. But it's probably rare. Might worth a `FIXME` though?

Comment at: unittests/clang-move/ClangMoveTests.cpp:397
+  const char TestHeader[] =
+      "#define DEFINE_Foo int Foo = 1;\nDEFINE_Foo;\nclass Bar {};\n";
+  move::MoveDefinitionSpec Spec;
Could you add a test case where the identifier is composed of macro and user 
parameter? Something like `#define Foo(x) void func_##x()`?

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