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> > 2. What do you mean by regression tests? We have run the clang-test target 
> > successfully on the patched code (which has the hook). Note that the hook 
> > this pull request provides is implemented as a ProgramAction. It is not 
> > intended to be used together with other program actions, I don't see how we 
> > could turn it on for other tests (if that is what you referred to).
> I would bet the sema tests are full of tricky edge cases. So running 
> templight on those tests would be a helpful exercise. I am only interested in 
> assertion fails, so we do not need to check the output.  One option to do so 
> would be to add the -templight-dump option to the %clang_cc1 variable when 
> running the tests. Note that the tests are likely to fail because the output 
> will change, but if there are no crashes, it is fine.

I did just that, and nothing crashed during the regression tests (in fact, 
every single one passed)!

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