EricWF added a comment.

I think the direction here is OK. Although I really hate allowing bits of 
libc++ to be "optional". In this case it should be OK, but often it makes the 
library trickier to maintain -- and these configurations often go untested 
between releases.

Comment at: CMakeLists.txt:74
 option(LIBCXX_INCLUDE_TESTS "Build the libc++ tests." ${LLVM_INCLUDE_TESTS})
+option(LIBCXX_ENABLE_RANDOM_DEVICE "Build random_device class" On)
nit: `ON`

Comment at: test/std/experimental/filesystem/lit.local.cfg:5
+# filesystem_test_helper uses random_device to generate random path.
+if 'libcpp-has-no-random-device' in config.available_features:
I would rather keep these tests running using a different source for the random 
seed if possible.

Comment at: test/std/numerics/rand/rand.device/lit.local.cfg:1
+# Disable all of the random device tests if the correct feature is not 
+if 'libcpp-has-no-random-device' in config.available_features:
There are only 3 tests under this directory. I would rather mark each one 
explicitly with `// UNSUPPORTED: libcpp-has-no-random-device`

  rCXX libc++

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