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Comment at: clang-tidy/misc/ThrowKeywordMissingCheck.cpp:45
+  diag(TemporaryExpr->getLocStart(),
+       "exception instantiated but not bound (did you intend to 'throw'?)");
aaron.ballman wrote:
> I'm not keen on the wording here ("bound" isn't a common phrase for 
> exceptions). How about `"suspicious exception object created but not thrown; 
> did you mean 'throw %0'"` and then pass in the text for the object 
> construction?
I tried using the `Lexer::getSourceText` function, but it doesn't print the 
right parantheses (ex. `RegularException(` instead of `RegularException()`).

Also, are you sure it'd be a good idea to pass the entire statement there? In 
cases where it would be long, it could draw the programmer's attention away 
from the actual problem, the missing `throw` keyword.

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