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Hmmm, I'm a bit lost on the CFLAGS bit.  I couldn't find a reference to 
LIBOMP_TEST_CFLAGS anywhere in the openmp tree.  There is a LIBOMP_CFLAGS that 
doesn't appear to be test specific.

To try to find a way to modify the CFLAGS for tests I looked at how 
LIBUNWIND_BUILD_32_BITS works.  It sets a value (config.enable_32bit) in 
test/  This is then used by the utils/libcxx/test/ 
script in the libcxx repository in the configure_default_compile_flags() 
function to add -m32 to CFLAGS.  There isn't an existing config.* knob that can 
add arbitrary things to CFLAGS though, so I think adding a 
LIBUNWIND_TEST_CFLAGS would mean changing the to learn about a new 
'config.cflags' or the like and then mapping LIBUNWIND_TEST_CFLAGS to that via

  rUNW libunwind

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