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@hans: One real-world example is when it is used to compile UEFI code using 
PE/COFF targets natively. Obviously, UEFI uses ABI which is basically almost 
the same as MS ABI, except that chkstk is not used. It mostly works (I actually 
was able to get it running) except the cases when the code contains 
variable-sized arrays allocated on stacks. Unfortunately, stack-probe-size will 
only help with fixed sized array but will not help to solve the problem 
described in the bug description since stack usage is unknown at compile time. 
MinGW does not have this problem because it provides this flag.

@MatzeB : there is a test on LLVM side (related review). Do you think the test 
is needed for clang side? If so, please let me know, what kind of test it is 
supposed to be.

  rC Clang

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