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> I'm not aware of the code that pretty-prints macros. There's a code that 
> dumps debug output, but it's not gonna help in that case.
>  Alternatively, we could simply print the macro name and not print the 
> definition. That's super-simple and is in line with hovers for the AST decls. 
> Let's do that in the initial version.

Ok, I'm considering printing "#define MACRO".  Just printing the name would not 
be very useful, at least printing "#define" gives the information that the 
hovered entity is defined as a macro (and not a function or variable).

Is there a way to get the macro name from the MacroInfo object?  I couldn't 
find any, so the solution I'm considering is to make 
`DeclarationAndMacrosFinder::takeMacroInfos` return an 
`std::vector<std::pair<StringRef, const MacroInfo *>>`, where the first member 
of the pair is the macro name.  It would come from `IdentifierInfo->getName()` 
in `DeclarationAndMacrosFinder::finish`.  Does that make sense, or is there a 
simpler way?

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