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> Do you have a reference to style guides recommending any of this?

Unfortunately not... I think this is a really advanced topic, and often not 
recommended way to format code at all (e.g. "if you need a block, you may as 
well use a function"). I can find the current implementation documented in 
google style guide, where there is an extra indent inside switch [e.g. 
`IndentCaseLabels`], which alleviates the ambiguity. But it is not documented 
(or shown) in the LLVM coding style, where it makes the code IMO really 
difficult to follow.

I believe the 2 extra modes I introduce should provide for most cases, leaving 
the decision to user:

- `None` mode matches google-style, and is perfectly fine when 
`IndentCaseLabels == true`
- `ClosingBrace` mode is "logical" with what people may want (e.g. have a scope 
for the whole `case` block), but is not syntaxically correct and may thus 
- `Block` mode is syntaxically correct, but somewhat breaks the switch layout 
by moving break to different indentation levels depending on the use of braces

Which mode is use is then left to the user, depending on the "goals" of their 
coding style.

Also, maybe this is a small-enough detail that it would be better moved to the 
`BraceWrapping` field, to allow finely tuning the expected behavior (e.g. in 
Custom brace mode) while keeping the 'main' options simple (even though it is 
not technically a way to wrap the braces).

  rC Clang


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