sammccall added inline comments.

Comment at: clangd/Protocol.h:52
 struct URIForFile {
+  URIForFile() = default;
I don't like how the API changes here take us further away from the other 
structs in this file.
Why does this one enforce invariants, when the others don't?

If we do want to make this more "safe", I'd suggest making it look more like a 
URI string (since that's what its protocol role is), like:

class LSPURI {
  LSPURI(StringRef URI) { assert if bad }
  static LSPURI ForFile(StringRef AbsPath) { assert if bad }
  operator string() { return URI::createFile(File).toString(); }
  StringRef file() { return AbsFile; }
  operator bool() { return !File.empty(); } 
  // move/copy constructor/assignment defaulted

  string AbsFile;

But the approach Eric suggested does seem promising: more consistent with how 
we handle invariants in protocol structs.

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