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Comment at: lib/Basic/Targets/AMDGPU.cpp:362
+    Builder.defineMacro(Twine("__") + Twine(GPUName));
+    Builder.defineMacro(Twine("__") + Twine(GPUName) + Twine("__"));
+  }
b-sumner wrote:
> At the meeting we discussed defining every alias of the given GPU, rather 
> than only the mcpu name.   Were we going to proceed with that?
Subsequent discussion settled on only defining the canonical names. If it was 
useful to also have the alternative names a header file could be provided that 
defines those names in response to the canonical names being defined.

Comment at: lib/Basic/Targets/AMDGPU.cpp:336
+  if (GPU.Kind != GK_NONE) {
+    Builder.defineMacro(Twine("__") + Twine(GPU.CanonicalName));
+    Builder.defineMacro(Twine("__") + Twine(GPU.CanonicalName) + Twine("__"));
Subsequent discussion decided to drop this macro.


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