rsmith added inline comments.

Comment at: include/clang/Basic/
+def warn_return_std_move : Warning<
+  "adding 'std::move' here would select a better conversion sequence">,
+  InGroup<ReturnStdMove>, DefaultIgnore;
Can we say something like "local variable '%0' will be copied despite being 
%select{returned|thrown}1 by name; call 'std::move' explicitly to avoid the 
copy"? (Would that be accurate, given the implementation of the warning?)

Ideally, we'd move the "call 'std::move' explicitly" hint to a separate note 
diagnostic and include a FixItHint on that diagnostic to insert the call to 

Comment at: include/clang/Basic/
+def warn_return_std_move_in_cxx11 : Warning<
+  "adding 'std::move' here would have selected a better conversion sequence 
prior to CWG 1579">,
+  InGroup<ReturnStdMoveInCXX11>, DefaultIgnore;
I think the wording of this diagnostic could be improved too. It's very 
language-lawyer-friendly right now. Here's one possible starting point for 
alternative wording (though I think maybe we can do better):

"ISO C++11, prior to the resolution of defect reports, would have made a copy 
of local variable '%0' despite it being returned by name due to a type mismatch 
with the return value%diff{ ($ vs $)|}1, 2"

... plus a "note: call 'std::move' explicitly to avoid a copy when using older 
compilers" or similar, with a fixit.

  rC Clang

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