aaron.ballman added a comment.

> It seems, when they are apply directly from clang-tidy, the RefactoringTool 
> engine is smart enough to remove trailing tokens. However, when fixes are 
> exported, clang-apply-replacements cannot do the same trick and will lead 
> trailing commas and colon

Is there a way to make clang-apply-replacements smarter rather than forcing 
every check to jump through hoops? I'm worried that if we have to fix 
individual checks we'll just run into the same bug later.

Comment at: clang-tidy/modernize/UseDefaultMemberInitCheck.cpp:26
+                                           tok::TokenKind K) {
+  for (;;) {
+    Token Tok = utils::lexer::getPreviousToken(*Context, Location);
Eugene.Zelenko wrote:
> Please use while (true) instead.
Better still, don't use an infinite loop.

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