NoQ added inline comments.

Comment at: include/clang/Analysis/ConstructionContext.h:119
+  static const ConstructionContext *
+  finalize(BumpVectorContext &C, const ConstructionContextLayer *TopLayer);
a.sidorin wrote:
> Maybe just `build()`? For me, `finalize()` strongly associates with Java's 
> broken clean-up mechanism.
Renamed into `createFromLayers()`.

Comment at: lib/Analysis/CFG.cpp:4737
+        }
+        case ConstructionContext::SimpleVariableKind: {
+          const auto *DSCC = cast<SimpleVariableConstructionContext>(CC);
dcoughlin wrote:
> Eventually (not now) I think it would be great to include the construction 
> context kind in the printed CFG. This would make it easier to understand at a 
> glance the context.
Yeah, the only reason i don't do verbose printing is because changes in tests 
are massive.

Comment at: lib/Analysis/ConstructionContext.cpp:49
+  // patterns.
+  if (const Stmt *S = TopLayer->getTriggerStmt()) {
+    if (const auto *DS = dyn_cast<DeclStmt>(S)) {
dcoughlin wrote:
> I like how this puts all the messy pattern matching in one place. The follows 
> the general LLVM guidelines of "if it has to be messy, put it all in one 
> place and hide the messiness from everything else".
Actually two places, the other one being `findConstructionContext()`.

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