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Comment at: test/clang-tidy/google-objc-global-variable-declaration.m:33
 static NSString* const kGood = @"hello";
+static NSString* const XYGood = @"hello";
 static NSString* gMyIntGood = 0;
aaron.ballman wrote:
> Can you also add the code from the style guide as a test case?
> ```
> extern NSString *const GTLServiceErrorDomain;
> typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, GTLServiceError) {
>   GTLServiceErrorQueryResultMissing = -3000,
>   GTLServiceErrorWaitTimedOut       = -3001,
> };
> ```
NS_ENUM and NSInteger are not defined in this implementation file.

I can either (1) Omit the macro and the type alias; or (2) reasonably replicate 
the macro and type alias in this source file.

Which option is preferred? For the time being, I have pursued option (1) on the 
assumption that NS_ENUM and NSInteger are not critical to this test case.

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