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This works as expected with your corresponding libcxx patch. However 
@arichardson 's does similar things for libcxx. 
We should wait for that to land, and ensure that this patch is rebased against 

Comment at: CMakeLists.txt:142
 set(LIBUNWIND_SYSROOT "" CACHE PATH "Sysroot for cross compiling.")
+set(LIBUNWIND_TEST_CFLAGS "" CACHE PATH "Additional compiler flags for test 
PATH should be STRING.

Comment at: test/
 config.cxx_ext_threads          = "@LIBUNWIND_BUILD_EXTERNAL_THREAD_LIBRARY@"
+config.test_cflags              = "@LIBUNWIND_TEST_CFLAGS@"
This should be test_compiler_cflags.

  rUNW libunwind

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