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> > That's weird, because lots of lldb tests compile and link test binaries on 
> > Windows with `-fuse-ld=lld` (without the `.exe`).  What makes you say the 
> > `.exe` is necessary?
> Maybe he is using clang (not clang-cl) and want to use ld.lld.exe instead of 
> lld-link?

The LLDB tests use clang, not clang-cl.  Here's a typical invocation:

  D:\src\llvm\build\ninja_release\bin\clang.exe  main.o -g -O0 -fno-builtin 
  -fno-limit-debug-info   -L. -LOne -lOne -LTwo -lTwo  -fuse-ld=lld 
--driver-mode=g++  -o "a.out"

Note that it's running `clang.exe` and passing `-fuse-ld=lld`.

  rC Clang

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