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In, @Typz wrote:

> If people don't care about this case, we might as well merge this :-) Just 
> kidding.
> The tweak matches both our expectation, the auto-indent behaviour of IDE (not 
> to be trusted, but still probably of 'default' behaviour for many people, 
> esp. when you don't yet use a formatter), and its seems our code base is 
> generally formatted like this. I think it is quite more frequent than 50 
> times in whole LLVM/Clang, but I have no actual numbers; do you have a magic 
> tool to search for such specific "code pattern", or just run clang-format 
> with one option then the next and count the differences ?

I just tweaked a search based on regular expressions. Fundamentally something 
like a line with an open paren and a comma that doesn't end in a comma gives a 
reasonable first approximation. But yes, first formatting with one option, then 
reformatting and looking at numbers of diffs would be interesting. And I would 
bet that even in your codebase diffs are few.

Also double-checked with Richard Smith and he agrees that the current behavior 
is preferable. For comma and plus this doesn't seem overly important, but 
making it:

  aaaaaaaaaa(bbbbbbbbb + ccccccccccc *

seems really bad to him as this suggests that we are adding both ccccccccccc 
and ddddddddd.

  aaaaaaaaaa(bbbbbbbbb + ccccccccccc *

seems clearer. And for consistency reasons, we should not treat those two cases 

  rC Clang

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