devnexen added inline comments.

Comment at: test/Driver/fsanitize.c:392
+// RUN %clang -target i386-pc-openbsd -fsanitize=undefined %s -### 2>&1 | 
FileCheck --check-prefix=CHECK_UBSAN-OPENBSD
+// CHECK-UBSAN-OPENBSD: -fsanitize=undefined
vsk wrote:
> Why does this work? The -check-prefix is "CHECK_UBSAN-OPENBSD", but there's 
> no underscore here.
Good catch

Comment at: test/Driver/unknown-arg.c:60
 // IGNORED: warning: unknown warning option '-Wunknown-to-clang-option'
+// XFAIL: openbsd
vsk wrote:
> This test should not be expected to fail on openbsd. Whatever it is that 
> you're checking for, please create a narrower test just for openbsd, and add 
> your checks there.
It works finally ... Dunno why I set it as XFAIL originally...

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