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Comment at: lib/CodeGen/CGNonTrivialStruct.cpp:764
+    Object = CGF->EmitObjCConsumeObject(QT, Object);
+    CGF->EmitARCStoreWeak(Addrs[DstIdx], Object, true);
+  }
ahatanak wrote:
> rjmccall wrote:
> > I guess this is the most reasonable thing to do, given that we don't have 
> > an entrypoint for it.  Please ask the ObjC runtime team to consider giving 
> > us one, though.  We could pretty easily peephole assignments into `__weak` 
> > variables where the source is loaded from a `__weak` l-value / x-value, and 
> > Swift would probably be able to take advantage of it, too.
> > 
> > You might want to go ahead and add `emitARCCopyAssignWeak` / 
> > `emitARCMoveAssignWeak` methods on CGF that do these operations and which 
> > can be optimized to use those entrypoints if/when they're added.
> Do you mean we should ask for the following objc runtime functions and use 
> them in visitARCWeak?
> ```
> // dst and src are either null or registered as __weak objects.
> void objc_copyAssignWeak(id *dst, id *src)
> void objc_moveAssignWeak(id *dst, id *src)
> ````
I meant that we should implement `emitARCCopyAssignWeak` and 
`emitARCMoveAssignWeak` by calling those functions if they're available, yes.

(Obviously that would be a follow-up patch, even assuming the ObjC runtime 
agrees to add them.)

Those functions would be specified as leaving the source in a zeroed state, 
which is as good as uninitialized, so they could be used for true-destructive 
moves as well.


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