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> > For computing the start/end-loc of function bodies, I tried the 
> > SingleFileParseMode and SkipFunctionBodies separately ( as a start). The 
> > source I use this on looks like this:
> >
> >  
> Given the discussion in, I think we can do 
> without the start/end-loc of function bodies and try some heuristics 
> client-side. We can always revisit this later if necessary.
> However, for the end-loc of occurrences, would you be OK with this being 
> added? I think it would be a good compromise in terms of performance, 
> simplicity and index size.

@malaperle Just to clarify, what's the particular end-loc we're talking about 
here? e.g. for a function call, would this be the end of the function's name, 
or the closing paren? 
For the end of the name, couldn't this be derived from the start loc + symbol 
name length (barring token pastes and escaped new lines in the middle of 
identifiers, which hopefully aren't too common)?
I can see the value for the closing paren though.

@akyrtzi Are the numbers from Marc-Andre's experiment what you'd expect to see 
and is there anything else to try? I'm not familiar with those modes at all to 
comment, sorry. I assume any API to gather syntactic structure info would be 
based on those modes, right?

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