erik.pilkington added inline comments.

Comment at: clang/lib/Sema/SemaDecl.cpp:12886
     if (!IsInstantiation && FD && FD->isConstexpr() && !FD->isInvalidDecl() &&
+        !isLambdaCallOperator(FD) &&
         (!CheckConstexprFunctionDecl(FD) ||
faisalv wrote:
> Hmm - as opposed to further leaking our lambda's implementation-details into 
> ActOnFinishFunctionBody - and duplicating these checks for a lambda marked 
> constexpr, I think I would prefer teaching the expression-evaluator 
> (ExprConstant.cpp) to know how to check a lambda's function call operator for 
> constexprness (i.e. avoid creating the capture-to-field-map when 
> 'checkingPotentialConstantExpression()' and ignore evaluating expressions 
> that refer to enclosing variables since their evaluation should not affect 
> inferring constexprness).  
> Thoughts?
That's a really good point, makes this a lot simpler. Thanks!

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