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Yes. I intended it as a property that propagates to classes that contain or 
derive from the type.

Would it make it less confusing if I merged CXXRecordDecl::CanPassInRegisters 
and RecordDecl::CannotPassInRegisters into a single enum? For example, the enum 
could have three enumerators, "CanPass", "CannotPass", "CanNeverPass", or 
something. Both "CannotPass" and "CanNeverPass" would force the type to be 
passed indirectly, and the only difference is that "CanNeverPass" propagates 
its property outwards and "CannotPass" doesn't. C structs are either "CanPass" 
or "CanNeverPass" while C++ structs can take any of the three values.

  rC Clang


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