george.burgess.iv added a comment.

Thanks for the feedback!

> and I suspect that your interest in this check is also related to android?

Yup :)

> Alternatively, if there are other checks specific to the GNU C library 
> planned, we could add a new module for it.

I have nothing planned, so I'm happy with this sitting under `android-`.

Comment at: 
+Diagnoses comparisons that appear to be incorrectly placed in the argument to
+the ``TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY`` macro. Having such a use is incorrect in the vast
+majority of cases, and will often silently defeat the purpose of the
alexfh wrote:
> The documentation should provide some context w.r.t what the 
> TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY macro is and where it comes from (maybe also link to its 
> documentation).
Added a paragraph after this one.

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