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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D45392#1061433, @alexfh wrote:

> I wonder whether the readability-identifier-naming check could be extended to 
> support this use case instead of adding a new check specifically for 
> underscores in ivar names?

Hmm readability-identifier-naming is a C++ check but this one is only for ObjC. 
I prefer putting them in separate places unless they work for both languages.
Moreover, readability-identifier-naming always runs all matchers and apply the 
same checks on all identifiers. We have to change at least part of the 
structure to make it applicable for this check. And 
readability-identifier-naming is not in google default clang-tidy check list 
yet. We will even need more work to import it.
So I think creating a new simple ObjC-specific check is a better way here.

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