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> > The ultimate solution would probably be to add a fake cloned asm statement 
> > to the CFG (instead of the real asm statement) that would point to the 
> > correct output child-expression(s) that are untouched themselves but simply 
> > have their noop casts removed.
> I have some concerns about this solution. It will result in difference 
> between AST nodes and nodes that user will receive during analysis and I'm 
> not sure that it is good. What is even worse here is that a lot of AST stuff 
> won't work properly - ParentMap, for example.

Yep. But i'd rather avoid using the `ParentMap`. Also we already do this for 
`DeclStmt`s that declare more than one `VarDecl` (split them up into 
single-decl statements), and the practical effect of such simplification is 
barely noticeable even though `DeclStmt`s are so much more common.

>> Or we could try
> Looks like something is missed here :)

Whoops sry nvm. And and and mmm you didn't include the diff context :p

In, @a.sidorin wrote:

> Maybe we should just remove the condition and leave a FIXME?

The fix is already there and it's valid and it makes things better overall, why 
not keep it around. We still need a FIXME though.

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