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> @xazax.hun: do you think the approach you took in the `Valist` checker is 
> applicable here? Did you like how it ended up working? Cause i'd love to see 
> `CallDescription` and initializer lists used for readability here. And i'd 
> love to see branches replaced with map lookups. And i'm not sure if anybody 
> has written code that has all the stuff that i'd love to see.

Overall the `CallDescription` interface works really well if you do not need 
anything more advanced, e.g. supporting overloads. I can imagine that its 
current implementation is slightly less efficient since the lazy initialization 
logic of the identifiers are repeated for every identifier but that also makes 
it less bug-prone (do not have the implicit assumption that a set of 
identifiers should always exist together).

It would be great to extend the interface in the future, but one of the reasons 
I was reluctant to do so yet is performance. E.g.: having a simple check that a 
checker is interested only in global C functions is better than having this 
check repeated in every call description object in an array, or making it 
possible to do a StringSwitch like optimization with multiple statically known 
CallDescription objects would also be awesome.

But I think most of the time these tests would not be used on the hot paths 
anyways, so as long its current expressive power is sufficient, I prefer code 
that is utilizing this tool. It tends to make the code slightly shorter.

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