asb added a comment.

I wonder if it would be safer to change this patch so it adds -mrelax and 
-mno-relax but doesn't compile with linker relaxation by default. That makes it 
easier to test linker relaxation support, and gives more time for testing 
before then flipping to -mrelax as the default.

Comment at: test/Driver/riscv-features.c:8
+// RUN: %clang -target riscv32-unknown-elf -### %s -mno-relax 2>&1 | FileCheck 
%s -check-prefix=NO-RELAX
+// RELAX: "-target-feature" "+relax"
We need a another RUN line and CHECK here to determine the default whether 
+relax is passed or not when the user specifies neither -mrelax or -mno-relax.


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