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Comment at: lib/Index/USRGeneration.cpp:691
+        case BuiltinType::ULongAccum:
+          llvm_unreachable("No USR name mangling for fixed point types.");
         case BuiltinType::Float16:
phosek wrote:
> We need some solution for fixed point types.
Added character ~ to indicate fixed point type followed by string detailing the 
type. I have not added a test to it because logically, I do not think we will 
ever reach that point. This logic is implemented in the VisitType method, which 
mostly gets called by visitors to c++ nodes like VisitTemplateParameterList, 
but we have disabled the use of fixed point types in c++. VisitType does get 
called in VisitFunctionDecl but the function exits early since we are not 
reading c++ (line lib/Index/USRGeneration.cpp:238).

  rC Clang


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