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> In https://reviews.llvm.org/D49083#1157568, @tra wrote:
> > > HIP generates one fat binary for all devices after linking. However, for 
> > > each compilation
> > >  unit a ctor function is emitted which register the same fat binary. 
> > >  Measures need to be taken to make sure the fat binary is only registered 
> > > once.
> >
> > Are you saying that for HIP there's only one fatbin file with GPU code for 
> > the complete host executable, even if it consists of multiple HIP TUs?
> By 'TU' do you mean 'target unit'?
> For HIP there is only one fatbin file with GPU code for the complete host 
> executable even if there are mulitple GPU sub-targets. Device code for 
> different sub-targets are bundled together by clang-offload-bundler as one 
> fatbin. Runtime will extract device code for different sub-targets.

It there are multiple translation units, there will be only one fatbin after 
linking, since the LLVM modules from different translation units will be linked 
together to generate one fatbin.


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